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Innate Choice® was founded by Dr. James Chestnut after over 25 years of research into the human requirements for health and wellness. As the son of a Ph.D. Fisheries Biologist, Dr. Chestnut is a wellness clinician and physiologist who has spent his entire life studying and exploring nature, ecosystems, and the health of the animals, especially humans, that inhabit them. His research and clinical experience have led him to the discovery that humans, like all animals, are genetically programmed to express health when the proper natural raw materials in terms of nutrition, exercise, and positive thoughts and emotions (social environment) are provided.

Since 2008, Wuji Life has been on a Mission to Transform and Revolutionize the Way Individual's Experience Life. We are a company of Unified individuals, Improving the Quality of People's Life Experience, not just a Nutritional Supplement Company. Wuji Life's Purpose is simple: To Serve with Love in Mind, as many people as Universally Possible, while providing Beneficial Products, Information and Education, Helping individuals and families LIVE Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Free. Experience the Wuji Difference and Revolutionize Your Life!

The Stress Reduction Spot provides stress, loss and trauma reduction services for those that are suffering from anxiety, those that are grieving or those that have been traumatized. Services benefit those suffering from compassion fatigue, those that have had a trauma exposure or those that have the desire to reduce stress levels in order to lead a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.
If you are STREST, The Stress Reduction Spot is the place for you!

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