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Start June off with a Sauna Session!

Our Infrared Sauna is the perfect way to deliver wellness to the mind and body. The 3 Infrared wavelengths penetrate deep tissue for significant results – there is no steam. While the sauna and its acoustic resonance therapy is relaxing, our focus is a great alternative for pain relief, allergy relief, detoxification, recovery aid and it can help lower blood pressure.

Every practice member (chiropractic or massage clients) get ONE complimentary 15 minute trial session so schedule yours now! The longer the session, the more the body will benefit so 40 minute sessions are suggested. The sauna is available for non-practice members, also.

*15 minute session = $20       *40 minute session = $50

*For practice member pricing & sauna packages call us at 540-667-7388.

Upcoming June Events 

Meditation Mondays at 6pm with Teresa Emerick in our Studio. Ready to get your Zen on? Guided Resting-Meditation is a great way to start! Practicing meditation regularly has many health benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Studies show it can reduce anxiety, depression, and pain, while increasing energy, mental clarity, and intelligence. It also reduces stress and wards off sickness. The best thing about Resting-Meditation is that anyone can do it. For more information or to sign up for this event, please call the office at 540-667-7388 or visit Eventbrite. $15

Tai Chi Tuesdays at 5:30 pm with Adrian VanKeuren in our Studio. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice and medicine that has the potential to rejuvenate the body with daily practice. Classes will focus on the principles and philosophies of Tai Chi. Anyone suffering from chronic or neurological diseases would find the classes especially beneficial. Classes will be recurring on Tuesdays @ 5:30pm. To sign up for this event, please call the office at 540-667-7388 or visit Eventbrite. $15

June 9th: Battle of the Bands & Vintage Bikes 10am-5pm.  Join us at Grove’s Harley Davidson while they support the Ronald McDonald House & Shriners Children’s Hospitals. Stop by our booth for a seated massage or free spinal screening! For more information please visit their website.

June 9th: Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit Health Fair 10am-12pm.  Join us at Kernstown United Methodist Church for a health fair where we will be providing seated massages!

June 20th: Workshop Wednesday at 6pm with Linda Warner in our Studio.

“How to Reduce Emotional Eating”: Linda will discuss emotional eating and how you can get balance back into your life. To sign up for this event, please call the office at 540-667-7388 or visit Eventbrite. Registration is FREE


June 21st: Thermography Scan Thursday with Sherri Hudson in our Consultation Room.

Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging is a noninvasive, no contact, no radiation, clinical imaging procedure that shows thermal abnormalities throughout the body. DITI can help determine the cause of certain pains, aid in the early detection of disease or pathology, and help discover nerve irritation or injured soft tissue. If you want more information about thermography, you can schedule an informational session instead of a scan appointment! Appointments for an informational session or scans can be made by calling the office at 540-667-7388.


June 23rd: Lyme Support Group 2pm-4pm led by Adrian VanKeuren in our Studio. Adrian will be holding a support group for individuals living with Lyme disease, those who know someone living with this disease, or for those who would like to learn more information.  It will be hosted here at the office. For more information please email Adrian at

June 24th: Preparing for Birth 11am-4pm with Tiffany Shank, owner of Virginia Is For Doulas in our Studio. Imagine preparing for birth in an interactive, modern way that fits your needs! This class will perfectly prepare you for the birth that you want. You will walk away feeling ready for labor, birth, and the first few weeks of parenting. You and your partner will understand the how’s, when’s, and why’s of childbirth, No More Unknowns! It will be hosted by Virginia Is For Doulas here at the office. To register for a class or for more information, please go to their website or email them at 


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