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Fall has arrived! And with the change of seasons comes the return of the “seasonal” illnesses - colds and flus. But…why would these viruses and bacteria only come around during the fall and winter months? The truth is they don’t, we are exposed to these viruses and bacteria every single day. The state of our immune system is what determines who gets sick and who stays healthy!

Our immune response is heavily influenced by lifestyle factors, two of which are stress and vitamin D! Clearly, the amount of stress in our lives isn’t seasonal (which is why people still get colds and the flu in the spring and summer months). Here’s the “seasonal part”, humans require sunlight to produce vitamin D and during the fall and winter months the amount of sun we’re exposed to is reduced. Vitamin D helps regulate the body’s response to foreign invaders; so this vitamin D deficiency leads to reduced immune function which makes us more susceptible to colds and flus.

How do we best ensure our bodies are sufficient with vitamin D? Innate Choice D-Sufficiency Drops is one solution that has helped individuals fight against colds and flus.


Saturday, October 27th Lyme Support Group: 2:00-4:00 pm led by Adrian VanKeuren in our studio. Adrian will be holding a support group for individuals living with Lyme disease, those who know someone living with this disease, or for those who would like to learn more information. It will be hosted here at the office. For more information please email Adrian at This is FREE

Thursday, October 18th - Thermography Scans with Sherri Hudson: Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging is a noninvasive, no contact, no radiation, clinical imaging procedure that shows thermal abnormalities throughout the body. DITI can help determine the cause of certain pains, aid in the early detection of disease or pathology, and help discover nerve irritation or injured soft tissue. Appointments for an informational session or scans can be made by calling the office at 540-667-7388.

Beginners Yoga Thursdays : 5:45-6:45 pm with Mandy Loy in our Studio: Yoga is the practice of physical postures and breath connection to develop strength, balance and ease, both physically and mentally. The yoga practice helps relieve stress in our daily lives as we become physically more comfortable and mentally more connected. To sign up for this event, please call the office at 540-667-7388 or visit Eventbrite $15

Tai Chi Tuesdays: 5:30-6:15 pm with Adrian VanKeuren in our Studio: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice and medicine that has the potential to rejuvenate the body with daily practice. Classes will focus on the principles and philosophies of Tai Chi. Anyone suffering from chronic or neurological diseases would find the classes especially beneficial. Classes will be recurring on Tuesdays @ 5:30pm. To sign up for this event, please call the office at 540-667-7388 or visit Eventbrite. $15

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