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Did you know the incorrect use of back packs can lead to chronic back pain, headaches, and shoulder pain? Regular chiropractic adjustments can help with the wear and tear of a school day. 

Changes in the office:

  • We are switching our communications company: this is how you receive alerts, appointment reminders, and receipts. When you check in for your next appointment, an electronic consent form will pop up. If you’d like to continue (or start) to receive these conveniences, click “accept”.
  • We are switching our credit card processor. Because it would be a breach of privacy, we cannot transfer any cards that were saved on file. PLEASE bring in your credit/debit card with you on your next appointment and we will gladly save it to our new system as it was in the past. *We still accept checks and cash payments*

We have new products!!!


  • We are now offering CBD products as a superfood/supplement. Cannabidiol (CBD) feeds a regulatory system that already exists in our body naturally! This system is called the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found all throughout our bodies and work on maintaining balance and optimum health! This system cannot work properly without fuel and Cannabidiol (CBD) is that fuel.  Extensive research shows that CBD is able to help with joint/muscle pain, injury repair, anxiety, stress, sleep, and many other health challenges that are tied to the endocannabinoid system.
  • Proper posture and correct spinal curvature play a crucial role in our overall health. The clinically proven Denneroll orthotic device, designed by chiropractors, offers a simple solution to more effective chiropractic care by allowing patients to continue their care at home. This device helps correct improper spinal curvature in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. This leads to faster, better chiropractic results, which translates to reduced pain, more flexibility and improved function.  

Our Cannabidiol (CBD) products contain Cannabinols, which are the NON-psychoactive ingredients of cannabis. These products do NOT contain THC and will not produce the “high”.

We chose the company SOL CBD because they take their extraction and processing very seriously. Their organic CBD is manufactured in Colorado and SOL takes the extra steps to ensure the quality of these products.


The type of spinal remodeling Dr. Nicki and Dr. Leslie recommend depends on your unique condition and situation. Talk with Dr. Nicki and Dr. Leslie about if/how the Denneroll can be beneficial with your care plan.

Upcoming August Events  

August 16th: Thermography Scans with Sherri Hudson: Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging is a noninvasive, no contact, no radiation, clinical imaging procedure that shows thermal abnormalities throughout the body. DITI can help determine the cause of certain pains, aid in the early detection of disease or pathology, and help discover nerve irritation or injured soft tissue. Appointments for an informational session or scans can be made by calling the office at 540-667-7388.

Meditation Mondays 6-6:30 pm with Teresa Emerick in our Studio. Ready to get your Zen on? Guided Resting-Meditation is a great way to start! Practicing meditation regularly has many health benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Studies show it can reduce anxiety, depression, and pain, while increasing energy, mental clarity, and intelligence. It also reduces stress and wards off sickness. The best thing about Resting-Meditation is that anyone can do it. For more information or to sign up for this event, please call the office at 540-667-7388 or visit Eventbrite. $15

Tai Chi Tuesdays 5:30-6:15 pm with Adrian VanKeuren in our Studio. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice and medicine that has the potential to rejuvenate the body with daily practice. Classes will focus on the principles and philosophies of Tai Chi. Anyone suffering from chronic or neurological diseases would find the classes especially beneficial. Classes will be recurring on Tuesdays @ 5:30pm. To sign up for this event, please call the office at 540-667-7388 or visit Eventbrite. $15    

We want to hear from you! Do you have any specific topics or interests you'd like to suggest for our Workshop Wednesdays?

Are you interested in additional Tai Chi class or Thursday night Yoga class?

Please respond to this email with your thoughts and suggestions!


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